Tampieri financial group is the holding company of the Tampieri Group. It also manages the administrative, financial and audit services, including the legal, corporate, information technology and human resources functions, as well as the general affairs, for all the companies of the Group.
Tampieri vegetable oil processes corn germs, sunflower seeds and grape seeds to produce non-packed crude and refined oil for food use, as well as vegetable meal for animal consumption. Go to website
Tampieri green energy generates electrical and thermoelectric energy from renewable energies, mostly from the by-products and organic residues of the oil produced by Tampieri spa. The energy which is not used for the Group’s own consumption is fed into the national grid. Go to website
Faenza depurazioni treats the wastewater from Tampieri’s and third parties’ production processes. Once purified, such water is partly recycled, partly discharged into nearby surface waters, in compliance with current environmental legislation. Go to website
Tfc real estate is a property company managing a facility for logistics use rented out to third parties.
Finceramica regenerative surgery conducts research, develops, produces and markets innovative medical devices in bio-ceramic material for the regeneration of damaged bone and cartilage tissues. Such technologies are employed in the fields of neurosurgery and orthopaedic, dental and maxilla-facial surgery. Go to website
Agf agrotrading is based in Romania, where it produces and trades agricultural products with the main purpose of supplying the Tampieri plant in Faenza with oilseeds. Go to website
Tampieri Hungaria is based in Hungary, where it carries out trading operations with the main purpose of supplying the Tampieri plant in Faenza with oilseeds. Go to pages